Apartment / Renter’s Insurance

Most people are unaware that their landlord’s insurance policy is not responsible in the event of a loss to your personal property (i.e. if there was a flood, burglary, fire, etc.). This is one of the many reasons apartment insurance is so important to possess. Known in the industry as renter’s insurance, this policy can be tailored to the specific amount of personal effects you own in your apartment. Renter’s insurance can also cover you in the event a person gets injured in your apartment due to a slip or fall. Replacement cost coverage is another choice to include. This option assists you in getting back all your costly positions without depreciation to account for. You may also include coverage on your property if there is loss while traveling.

MKI offers a discount on renter’s insurance as well as auto insurance when you combine the two. Contact one of our agents today to find out more information.

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